Your Cousin In The Wholesale Business Can Help You Make Money!

As a motivational speaker I wanted to become a more effective speaker and leader. After starting a motivational speaking business in 2008 I realized that I needed to become even a better speaker. Toastmasters International is the single best organization I have found in the world after much research to help you develop speaking, listening, and leadership skills. As a member of Toastmasters Club #148 in Tulsa Oklahoma, where I have received great feed back and evaluations on my speeches and speaking skills.

Or are you single and searching for Love, Romance, and a Soul Mate, OR maybe you just want some companionship, maybe even a Friend With Benefits, as they say!? A powerful good luck amulet just might do the trick with that!

Find a niche for both your expertise and your speeches. If you have a distinct sports motivational speaker niche you will be ahead of the game. Speak about what you love the best. Make it something that others express an interest in knowing.

Figure out how to get your engine going before the deadline hits. I suggest that you start on a very simple or easy part of the project, one that it not intimidating or challenging. You will find that once you start moving, that momentum will lead you into completion. If you, by chance, stop moving towards your completion, I suggested that you stop thinking about it and just start doing something related to the task at hand.

Without a moment’s hesitation, I turn onto the new trail. Now I am ascending into the screaming wind towards the summit. This is not the goal of the new plan: the goal is to find the Auto Road and get down off the mountain, as fast as possible.

The next thing you have to do is to acquire useful and credible information that will unlock the secrets of millionaires. You can find these from self-help books, listening to motivational speakers business and surrounding yourself with people of successful backgrounds.

To put it bluntly, if you think $5000 on a share trading course and a couple of (usually free) motivational talks on mindset is the right balance, think again. Or be ready to join the 80% of people – many of them trained in the skill set – who lose money on shares. The same applies when it comes to other ways to increase your wealth: business, career, multi-level marketing (where the success rate is 3%, apparently), poker even!

Bob Proctor as a motivational person does very well and I do find his teachings to be valid. I give him a good report based on what he is teaching, a motivational course. At this he is one of the best.