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One of the most common symptoms of anxiety disorder is the belief that you are going crazy. You have the sense that you are losing your grip on reality and that you are literally on the verge of a mental breakdown. Anxiety disorder can cause a deep seeded fear that sooner or later you’re simply going to go mad. However despite this overwhelming fear of possible insanity, the fact that you fear it and are aware of insanity as a state of being is precisely why you are not crazy.

Start by learning how to meditate. I guarantee you that meditation is easier than you might think, and that the results you will experience, especially in the long term, will astound you.

Now that you know these simple mental exercises to improve and develop your avocat insanité d’esprit and at the same time a simple step towards mind development, try to have this routine once in while. It is of course best to do this in your vacant time.

High stress levels culminates into depressed immune system. It is true. You start getting unexplained illnesses such as headaches pimples skin ulcerations swellings in the impaired mental faculties armpits swellings on the ankles and feet common colds and lack of appetite. All these are manifestations of a drop in your immune system that have been triggered by your high stress levels, which can be traced to your current situation of having lost your lover.

Put your heart with mind – applying your mind to the work is a prerequisite in any case; however adding curiosity and positive attitude makes the real difference. When you become inquisitive and start enjoying the study, assimilation and understanding is much faster, much better.

In four years of psychotherapy, I learned, among many other things, that the real “Establishment” was something in my own head. I also opened up mental abilities I didn’t know I had-creativity, intuition, and will-that is, my own free will to be myself. And most important, I learned disciplines that enabled me to continue my psychological growth after I left the psychiatrist.

Human beings as social creatures are immersed in a sea of other people’s thoughts. This mental environment, like the air, is invisible, but like the air it has an effect on our lives, especially if it is polluted. By “mind pollution,” I just mean things we are persuaded to believe that are not accurate.

Medication affects everyone differently. Watch for the symptoms that I have described, in addition to the side effects listed by the manufacturers of Lamictal. The LAMICTAL RASH can be deadly, and is well documented. Keep a sharp eye out.