WordPress Plugins – The Best Free Plugins To Use To Make Money With Your Blog

WordPress is a free blogging platform. This simply means that the company has put in place the software you need to create a blog. A blog is an ongoing dialogue with others, in that you will place posts on the blog that are short, to the point and engaging. Then, you can interact with others who visit your blog and leave a message for you. All of this leads to significant benefits in attraction marketing for any online business.

Once you subscribe to WordPress will also be possible to log into what exactly called your dashboard. It’s where all that magic happens. Initially you sign inside your dashboard it’s possible you’ll feel a modest overwhelmed. Don’t trouble yourself. The dashboard is the grand central station of one’s blog. From here you will possess access to your blog posts, the different pages on your blog, links to and from a blog, different media you will be using, comments in your blog, and of course your WordPress layout. WordPress design falls below the “Appearance” section upon your dashboard and there may be much you can perform with it.

Link not just back to your homepage, but also to specific pages/posts with anchor text of the keyword your targeting. You can do this with sites like Squidoo and Hubpages.

The only thing you really need to get started is some way of marketing the products. The internet is the obvious choice, but you could also consider advertising door to door or distributing catalogues. Obviously, marketing door to door or via the local papers is going to require a budget, where as starting a website and advertising online is incredibly cheap.

WishList is called a plugin because it is installed as a plugin but it is so much more. It turns your WordPress hemsidan into a money-making membership site. And there are nearly endless ways you can use it to produce income.

Finally, when you have purchased your domain name, and pointing it to your hosting account, the final step is building a website with WordPress. This step is pretty simple, you just need to log into your hosting account, locate a software called “Fantastico De Lux” within the software section, and the installation process is pretty much self explanatory.

Also keep in mind that for every blog you setup, you will have to have a separate database. So if you want 3 blogs, you will need 3 databases. And be extra sure to ask that potential web host if they are running the latest version of PHP, to make sure you don’t run across any bugs.

You will find that most hosting companies you research already provide the requirements for running a WordPress blog. Just be sure that these web-hosts satisfy the criteria given above and you should be good to go. Happy blogging!