WordPress/Joomla Translation Guide

One must realize that in every business, the emphasis is mainly on customer satisfaction. The happier the customer is with the quality of work you offer, the more he will prefer to use you for future assignments or he may even refer you to his associates for other works. This will definitely provide better results for you. Therefore, developing good customer services is important as it will enable you to improve your productivity and also improve your income.

Yes, translation costs money. But how much money could a good translation make you? If you made one dollar from every non-English speaking American, the US Census Bureau says you’d make 12 million bucks. 12 million. You may or may not see the benefits of reaching out to the non-English speaking market, but you can bet your competition does. And once they already have that market, there may not be much room in it left for you. We all know the power of brand loyalty. If your competition achieves brand loyalty before you do, you may one day have to spend money on translation just to stay alive. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on making a profit?

Another option for you is the human English to Italian translators. This will be very reliable also for you. You can find their service even on internet. Otherwise search someone in your locality. In this regard the help of Italian embassy will be very valuable for you. They will help you to find some reputed companies for this บริษัทแปลเอกสาร with a fee. Or else you can search in the nearby universities which is offering course on Italian language. For all these you can take the help of internet.

Arrive at your appointment early. If no appointment, get to the Embassy one hour prior to opening. Lines can be extremely long and most likely you will have to go through a security check similar to that at an airport. Leave unnecessary items in the hotel.

For this Article, I rounded up my KJV Bibles, and turned to each one’s “Preface” to see what revisions of the original 1611 translation I possess. While each Editor acknowledges I do have a revision, the number of the revision … is not stated. This is rather curious. One time (in the early 1980’s), I told a “KJV only” man he probably had the 24th (or 26th? – I can’t remember now) revision of the 1611 translation. He proceeded to almost run off the road, frantically flipping through the Preface of the Bible on his dashboard. After finding my assertion was correct, I was quite relieved when his wild-eyed eyes refocused on the road.

Back in the introduction, we talked about having a plan of action and moving forward with it. Here’s my challenge to you if you wait until you have the time to narrate your own PDF books how much are translation services you losing in potential revenue every day that you wait?

Why is this important? Simply translation agencies get a stack of emails each day and you want to be found. The translation project manager wants to be able to pick out the enquiries for their project with ease.

I am aware of course that it is easy to talk about AI and MT. The proof as they say is in the pudding. I am working on a number of lines of research in both MT and AI and will be uploading software over the next few months that show my progress so far.