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The Kaizen Blitz\Kaizen Event is a powerful tool in the lean manufacturing process. The blitz enables quick results to occur and often is one of the first things companies do to begin their process.

Involvement, accountability, understanding of the vision, learning more about the business, learning more about the function they perform and even about their team.

J&J’s CIO decided to implement a program based on the ITIL. Now mind you, this is not some silver-bullet magic cure-all. Instead, the ITIL can help with specific parts of running an IT shop. Specifically if you go about implementing ITIL correctly, your IT department can boost the quality of service that it is providing to the rest of the company.

Another great opportunity you have right now is the procurement of new state of the art equipment. Machine builders are feeling the crunch too. They are reducing costs to keep their plants running and retain their employees. As a result, there are some really good deals out there on machine tools.

Typically material tubular lean relies on work cell concepts in achieving its goals. Work cells are not just a set of equipment arranged in to a different layout. In a work cell people operate different to the way they would operate in a line assembly system. Workers are multi skilled and they can perform at least two or three operations. This makes the system flexible. From the worker point of view the job has a bigger scope and they have freedom. Who will want to continuously perform the same task over and over again, especially when plenty of machinery available for the tasks of that nature.

Now, you have another platform consideration option to factor into your ERP comparison. Cloud computing. There are more and more ERP vendors who are offering a hosted solution. But keep in mind that this may only be a hosted server, or it may be a true multi-tenant environment where upgrades are easily maintained. This will require little if any internal IT support so it could be a less expensive solution to support. It could also have a negative impact on IT moral since you would be taking responsibilities away from them. The key solution here is to make sure that IT is involved from the beginning of the ERP Comparison when it comes to platform discussions. Early decisions on the platform often determine potential vendor candidates.

The Kaizen blitz is a powerful aspect of the lean manufacturing process. It should be used in the beginning to obtain dramatic results in order to break down resistance to the overall program.