Top Five Career Tips For New College Students

I was at a chamber mixer the other evening and attendees were exchanging business cards to anyone that would take one. I found it interesting that most were full color with UV or matte coating and they all had one thing in common, the fact that none of them stood out. The people that handed them out were nice people hoping and even praying for new business connections. To be fair, the print quality on most was good to excellent. When I got home I threw them on my desk and the one thing that caught my attention was they were all unremarkable and in the pile they all looked the same.

You have to go where the prospects are. – Single people hang out at bars and parties for a reason – that’s where the other single people are. In the same way, you should go where your ideal business connections are spending time. Whether it’s a Chamber of Commerce event, an association mixer, or an entrepreneur’s club, put yourself in close contact with the people you want to meet.

Most companies offer you courses in all these four media streams. A careful choice needs to be made as to where one’s interest lies. If you’re someone good with voice presentation, radio is the ideal medium for you. Broadcast is for those good with their vocabulary and print is for the writing wizards. Public relation is just another option. Those who love it super fast and wish to have an audience not just in their own country but the entire world, the worldwide web is indeed the destination.

And, if you are in college, you should definitely intern the summer or the semester before you plan on graduating or – if you are planning to make a career switch – the few months before you plan to make this switch. That way you will be fresh in the minds of the people with whom you’ve worked and they will be more likely to remember you and help you get a job.

Employers are keen in observing their workers. It may not be obvious but they always check on the traits that each of their workers exudes. There is nothing impossible about getting a regular job from paid Compete with me and others here abroad if you act like a valued employee with dependable work attitude.

NOTE: Professors are great referrals because if they are impressed by a student, chances are an employer will be too. Professors teach hundreds or thousands of students each year. If they think you’re a standout, I guarantee an employer will think you’re outstanding. While you’re still in school, and even after you graduate, make it a point to be on good terms with your professors.

Finally, it is definitely a gift that keeps on giving. If you introduce two people, you’ve just created a brand new point of contact that could spin off more new connections. It could become an ever-expanding wave of networking and relationship building. All because you made one introduction.

So, these are the 5 iPhone apps that I use to assist in my business networking activities. I guess you could say while I love my computer, I can’t carry it in my pocket. Plus, the iPhone is so much fun!