Time To Expand American Real Estate

The decision to go solar for your home energy needs is making more and more sense as time passes. One of the basic questions you will need to face right off is whether you should go with an on grid or off grid system. Let’s take a look at the different factors you need to consider.

Most likely you believed what your parents told you: you believed what the priest or rabbi told you; you believed what school taught you, you believed in your Hoaxes leaders, you believe in what the 5 0’clock News, ie the media tells you.

Seriously, she is the most marketed person in the history of marketing and politics. I see her on TV more than I see the Geico. Can the republican party make it any more obvious all of this is a way for her to be visible to as many people as she can before announcing a run to the presidency. They are setting her up to be the delicate mom/woman that you cant say boo to without pissing off millions. She is basically turning into Kate Goslin. If that reality show works, and she doesn’t say anything really stupid, she’ll have it made.

His guilt or innocent will probably be brought about through a court of law – if there is no out-of- court settlement. Maybe there will come a confession and a begging for forgiveness but Governmental Corruption who knows?

We have just left the Age of Pisces, which lasted 2000 years. Christianity and monotheism were the ruling paradigms of that age. They will go the way of the do-do bird as we enter deeper into the Age of Aquarius.

We need to look within ourselves and find that spiritual spark of who we really are. Then we need to fan that spark and let it grow to consume our wasted physical needs. We should all stand on the precipice of devolving human society and say, “no more”. Reach out to one another and give comfort. Be patient. Be kind. Give love to a world that would rather kill itself off than face another torturous day of empty desires.

So why is marijuana illegal? Because of greed and ignorance for all I can tell. Please, for the sake of our country and the sanity of it’s inhabitants, if decriminalization of marijuana becomes a proposal, be a patriotic American and vote pot in. Make your voice heard. Every culture shares a love for marijuana. It’s a cause that can unite America. No matter what your age, race or gender, marijuana has played a part in most American’s lives. Harass your state representatives in the house and senate that you want your right to prosper. After all, it is a right that the country was founded on. It may not be just your country you save. It might be your planet.

Although the “be rong, bea chi” is set up for the people of China, will the Chinese government try to enforce this on the visitors and participants? Probably not. However, don’t be too surprised if they try to leave a lasting impression on the World through the summer Games about the value of their socialist values.