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Going on a Caribbean cruise vacation can be a great way to satisfy your travel bug this year. The best part of a cruise is that your travel accommodations, hotel, and entertainment are all wrapped up in one! Cruises take you to new and exciting places and you get to meet lots of interesting people along the way.

As I often say, the beautiful blend of pathos & humor really came out of the hearts of who our writers were. They’re extraordinarily insightful, passionately aware, alive human beings who love to laugh and make other people laugh. Ira Behr and Ron Moore and Rene Echevarria are all people who get it, you know? And they were brought together by one of the top writers of all time, Michael Piller, who we unfortunately lost far too soon. It’s not surprising to me that the show’s deep messages and hilarious antics were often both created by the same writer in the same episode. That’s who these writers are.

The first part of the newspaper you read is the travel section. I used to do this because it was the only part of the Sunday paper that my dad didn’t like. Now that I have my own subscription to the Sunday news, I flip through the funnies to get me ready to read about the next celebrity appearing in rehab – or the lottery winner who just went bankrupt. The travel section very rarely leaves the bulk of the paper, until the bug resurfaces itself and makes me read about some all-inclusive resort in Antigua.

Europe wastes too much food instead of sending it to starving East Africa. For example, in Germany, people are pelted with candy, and other food throws as well as flowers. In Binche (pronounced BANSH), Belgium, the otherwise-dignified Gilles throw oranges at the crowd. These are perfectly good oranges, hundreds of them thrown away in a mess that turns the streets into sticky garbage. Couldn’t those oranges be sent to areas of drought in other places of the world to feed those in need? In times past, throughout Europe and the Americas, such good foods as flour, eggs, seeds, and onions have been hurled at festival-goers. Sometimes rice is hurled at people. Other times and in other areas of the world dirt is hurled or colored powders for celebrations.

Many cruise lines offer packages that are specifically tailored for families, couples, or singles. An easy way to get the most out of your trip is to search for a cruise based on who you are traveling with. A lot of lines will have activities specifically tailored for kids or mixers to get singles out there meeting one another.

My best advice is to work with a holiday agents who is really interested in family travel. The Internet has many great resources, too, but take the consumer reviews with a grain of salt; after all, no two families are alike in their needs and expectations. For hotels and resorts, I like to check out Trip Advisor. For anything cruise-related, I use Cruise Critic, a wonderful forum-based Web site. Single Parent Travel is indispensable for that constituency, and Tripso has a lot of tell-it-like-it-is information on the travel industry as a whole. If you are headed to the mall, check out Borders or Barnes & Noble for some of the better guidebooks including Frommer’s, Rick Steves and Zagat.

In my eyes, our producers could do no wrong. Seriously. I think our whole cast felt that way. They wrote beautifully, cast a winning team, and put the show onscreen, on time, and on budget every week for 7 years. It was the #1 syndicated show in the world when we left the air. It touched a lot of lives, even years later, in a lot of ways.

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