Survival Food Supplies For Your Emergency Kit

The great thing about survival is… it’s all in your head. Well, perhaps not ALL, but survivalists will agree that when life threatening emergencies do arise, a huge factor IS there. It’s your mindset, your ability to reason, and your will to survive. Always remember to S.T.O.P.! That is to say, S-(Sit Down), T-(Think), O-(Observe), and P-(Plan). Your worst enemy is not necessarily your situation. It is the FEAR of that situation. So, just don’t panic. Instead, sit down, think about the facts of your situation, observe your surroundings and supplies, and plan a strategy to deal with things in a prioritized and logical way. Your brain is a very powerful survival tool.

For example, is every member of the family a good swimmer? If not, get them into swimming lessons immediately to make sure that by the end of the summer, the answer to that question will be yes. The rest of the family can get involved by going to the pool for a “swim night” every other night or so to help the ones who are taking lessons practice what they are learning, and not give up until every last member of the family is capable of surviving a boat upset in the middle of the lake. A celebration with ice cream as soon as this goal is reached would be a great finish for this activity.

Once your child can hold down Crackers you can start adding some Rice. Start out with a few crackers and a small bowl of Rice. Increase the amount slowly and after your child can keep down the Crackers and Rice, try out a bowl of plain Applesauce.

This is also a good time to switch from water to a Pediatric Electrolyte drink to help keep them hydrated and keep their energy up. They will need at least 48 ounces of fluid every 24 hours, so make sure that you have several bottles of this in your kit for each child.

As you prepare and ready yourself for wilderness survival, knowing how all your gear works and what it is used for is essential. A wilderness survival kit should include many items. A small fishing kit can be used to secure food. A folding shovel, work gloves, and a wire saw will all be needed. Metal cups and other durable cooking gear are helpful. A signal mirror and a whistle can be used for rescue. Water and wind proof matches, quick tinder, and candles will all be used. It is important that your equipment is all well made and reliable. Never settle for cheap survival gear.

The best option would be to build your own EDC supply. You know what you or your family like and can make purchases based on that. As far as storage of your food, the ready made deals are packaged for long term, but not all of what you buy yourself would have a long shelve life, but you can rotate your stock to keep it up to date. Use what you have put away so if you really need it you will already know how it tastes and how to prepare it so you have no surprises.

The United States can provide much-needed relief by strengthening and expanding its school lunch program. This would include an after-school meal initiative, as well as allowing more children to participate in the existing free and reduced-price school lunch and breakfast programs.

You need emergency food preparedness to meet exigencies and not surprise guests but there is no harm in using your survival food packets to escape an embarrassing situation like preparing food for surprise guests. If you are worried that you might need investing much money in emergency food preparedness then you should look at the advantage of storing survival food. Stocked supplies could open a lifeline for you in life threatening situations. You could lose your food security, if there are no stocked supplies at your home.