Stained Glass Jewelry Boxes

Most people will agree that leather jewelry is great. Whether it’s a wristband or an ankle bracelet – it has a touch of style. Even though it’s often a small detail – it’s always very noticeable on anyone who wears it. Short skirts, shorts, bikini, anything fits to be worn with leather jewelry.

When it comes to pairing beaded accessories with revealing clothes, remember that longer necklaces draw attention away from you chest. But if you want to look flirty and daring, get something that has a pendant dangling from it. This will be enough for you to be the center of attention. Then again, if you are quite fat, chunky beaded accessories will suit you best. If you are petite, necklaces with small handmade beads will look fantastic on you.

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Split rings are the small rings used to attach findings to your work securely. Split ring pliers are not really necessary because the split rings are not usually made of thick wire. They may be necessary however if you have dexterity problems or have long nails and value your manicure.

This season, trends are moving away from one big statement necklace and moving toward wearing multiple necklaces of different sizes, widths and links to create personalized looks. And buying several sterling silver necklaces is far more practical than putting down for multiple gold necklaces. That could set you back quite a bit financially. Mixing metals is another option. By putting gold, silver and bronze together you can be at the forefront of fashion.

A unique piece of handmade jewelry is often made from unique materials as well. You might find fresh water pearls, Swarovski crystals, precious metals, semi-precious stones, hand blown glass, and vintage beads in the jewelry. Another option you might consider is to have someone create a special design just for you. You tell the artist what you want to accomplish and perhaps provide a list of materials that you make you happy and the artist can create something special and unique for you.

Get your supplies. For these handmade accessories you will need (25) seed beads #11, (1) flat feature bead, (2) crimps, pliers and spool of nylon bead cord,. We will make use of nylon bead cord as it is very versatile, elastic and durable. In this project, we will only use 2 inches of nylon bead cord per ring. All these materials can be bought from craft stores at low prices.

Also, it is important that you understand the terms of sale well. Each seller has his own policy for refunds and returns. If you order a set of handmade beads and you realize that they are not what you want, you might not be able to get your money back if that is what the policy says. There are some sellers who do not accept returns on particular items. There are also others who offer merchandise credits instead of refunds. So, you must not hesitate to contact the seller if you have questions about his terms of sale. Furthermore, you have to know about the costs of handling and shipping. Some handmade beads are cheap, but their shipping fees are expensive.