Stacking The Deck In Your Favor

Make solid plans. You might laugh at this one as it seems pretty obvious. However, when we talk about building that home we always wanted, we’re dealing with lofty dreams. And when it comes to dreams, often we have trouble pinpointing the details. We say things like “oh I would love to have a deck that wraps around the house,” but in the next sentence maybe we’re considering brick patios.

Everyone Google’s a business to locate them for GPS, to MapQuest the business, or for any other of a trillion reasons. If you’re online, as a website, with a map to your office, you’re ahead of the game. While this is a little more common in the big city than it may be in small towns, the resulting answer is the same. If you’re looking for a business and not sure if they cover your problem or not, look up their website, find the search option on their site and search for your topic. Or Google the problem you’re having and go to the sites linked under that problem.

This is just installing deck builder fixtures such as toilets faucets water heater dishwasher and so on. All you need to do is have these items available if you supplied them.

Let’s see what I mean. I’ve seen your nice ad or brochure, called you, been taken through a phone questionnaire by your very friendly and professional sounding receptionist. I agree to a sales presentation, which is also very professional and I really like the options and designs you have available. So, I decide to get a quote. Some rough headed bloke with a “rolly” hanging out the corner of his mouth turns up, pokes around my house for an hour or two, then writes $55,000 on the back of a crumpled business card. Can you see how this gives me one impression when I call you, and quite another when I see the person who’s going to be doing the job? And you’re left wondering why I didn’t buy.

And so, our day one agenda consisted of visits to Owl Creek Vineyard, Blue Sky Vineyard, Orlandini Vineyards, and finally Star View Vineyards. This makes for a leisurely, interesting day, with plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and a local lunch stop.

Note: Before your grader packs up and gets out of town make sure everything is the way you want it. Moving heavy equipment around is costly and you do not want to pay to remove a couple of trees, or maybe a dead tree that was missed. Double check the foundation measurements sometimes contractors make mistakes.

Will they stop by your brick and mortar business? More than likely, yes they will stop by. They’ll bring you business, talk about you on Facebook, take photos and post your business link on their blogs, and in their article marketing references. But the point is, they’ll have a link to drive traffic to online. There will be something of a circular market created by internet links and back links to your business. All of them driving more business to you and your Internet Home Base.