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Because of the global recession, the majority of companies have enormously reduced their operation. In some cases, the institutions even altogether shut down. That is the reason why lots of people became unemployed. Aside from that, plenty of property owners who have home Atlanta title loans to pay back and became unemployed faced foreclosure of their homes due to defaulting in their home loan.

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Basically, a Quitclaim Deed states — IF the seller has an interest in the property, they are giving it to the buyer. Notice the word IF. In other words, “if it turns out that I have an ownership in this property, then I’m giving whatever interest I may have to you, Ms. Buyer.” It would be perfectly legal for me to give you a Quitclaim Deed to the White House — if I have an interest in it, I’m giving it to you. There are no guarantees with a Quitclaim Deed, and the seller is making no promises. Obviously, we never use Quitclaim Deeds to convey any of our land parcels. It just doesn’t give the buyer any security.

World Bank signed agreement for revival of 5,763 waterbodies in Tamil Nadu. Loan component Rs 2,182 crore. To have a command area of four lakh hectares. Similar agreement with Andhra Pradesh in March for recharge of 2,000 bodies. Command area 2.5 lakh hectares.