Project Learning Approach – Five Strategies

The most important aspect of any lesson plan for junior high students on the subject of Thanksgiving must be separating facts from myths. Television, for one, continually presents myths about Thanksgiving At this point of their lives these children are old enough to be taught how to separate the facts from fiction even when those facts place our country in a somewhat negative light or when those facts are otherwise unattractive. By utilizing a lesson plan where the children are taught about separating fact from fiction in the context of Thanksgiving, they can be taught some critical thinking skills on how to separate fact from fiction in different aspects of life today.

For the armchair strategist or literary critic, let me assure you that such is not the story of the Light Brigade. Tennyson’s poetic account is clearly not one of a unit caught in an ambush.

By taking a closer look at this statement, we can see what is happening. “I just didn’t have time” sounds good when looking back at the situation, but let’s see what really happened. The activity they were trying to fit in was not in the plan. There were many other tasks to be completed and none of them were even in a plan. There was no expectation of time to be spent on each task and therefore to realistic timetable.

The only thing that is different is the student teachers first time in this situation. There are a lot of advantages for the student teacher. Usually the assessment or evaluation process is already set up. All the student teacher has to do is plug into the system that is already there. They might add some ideas of their own if it is acceptable by the classroom teacher. The curriculum and textbooks are already in place also. Some teachers prefer to use their own lesson plan s instead of what the student teacher has to offer. However, it is very important that the student teacher prepare and keep a copy of a teachers resources that is used for that particular class. Why is that important? Because the student teacher will use the experience of planning and maybe even the plans them self for years to come.

Everyone wants to be an instant pro but most of these books and CD’s are put into a specific order for specific reasons. If you follow the path you will find that your learn in a logical manner. Each of the tasks grows on the one before and if you tend to skip around you will find that you miss a lot of information.

Noodle Art is a very popular preschool activity. Children can decorate these on card stock or construction paper. It makes for a great decoration to add on the fridge at home. Read ‘Make Pasta Art with Your Kids” and “Making Your Own Colored Pasta” for tips and advice.

My advice – choose quality and stick with it. And always remember – the scale of your success is down to you and how much effort and commitment are you willing to put in.