Playing Guitar For Beginners

Playing the guitar is one of the most fulfilling and fun activities to do. Nothing beats hanging out with your band, making great music and playing your own compositions or a cover of your favorite band.

A lot of unused stuff lies around the house e.g. the bass guitar that has not been played for a decade or CDs that no one listens to anymore. There are many ways to sell these – visit a pawnshop, have a yard sale in front of your apartment, put an ad in the classifieds of the local newspaper or the internet. Be realistic about the prices; the general rule is to halve the price from what someone would be able to buy elsewhere. For making money online, sell these items on eBay.

Run a test recording first, making sure the latency is set correctly and your audio drivers are functioning properly. Adjust recording levels to peak at -1 dB. Load this test track down with processing and effects plugins. Don’t process them on to the track, just insert them. The goal here is to find your limit of processing power so you know how many plugins you can run before a system crash.

Listen to a wide variety of players. Don’t just concentrate on one genre. Sure, you’ll have your favourites, but soak up as much inspiration as you can from everywhere and let it drive you towards improving your own skills while you learn guitar basics and more.

Get leads. Giving away value is the best way to get leads. Most people think giving away your best “stuff” hurts your business. On the contrary, it helps you. How do you do it? Think about what you can offer free, in exchange for your prospect signing up via their contact information. Then you have their information and can market to them- typically via email.

Finally, make another folder under the Project 1 folder called Master. Again, as with the takes above, use a consecutive numbering system so that you can easily refer to each master.

Good use of EQ. Protools has a powerful array of EQ tools, so use them in the way described above to scope out a place for the guitar track. You want to keep it away from the other instruments, to fill up as much of the tonal space of the song as possible. If you have multiple guitars in a song, use panning in addition to EQ to keep the areas separated.