Photoshop Quick Fix: An Easy Hdr Method For Landscapes

Hi. This tutorial is based on using a layer mask to merge two images. Today, I will make this dinosaur appear on this beach, just into the water. Layer masks are very simple to use, and also very useful! They work on a black – white – gray system. This tutorial will explain further.

Before we start there are some things you are going to need. A camera, obviously, to take your images with. Something to keep your camera from moving. This can be a tripod or anything else. This will help you a lot as it makes it easier afterward to merge them together. Finally you are going to need some photo editing software. If you have Photoshop then you’re in luck. If you don’t then you can download gimp for free.

As such, you should capture images of the waterfall during summer. Spring will be good too. Be sure to conduct waterfall photography when the water flow is excellent. This will ensure the best composition you can ever imagine.

Often you’ll want to show a mix of different layers instead of just strictly information from a single channel. In this case you will want to paint with different levels of grey on the mask depending on how much of the layer you want to show through. Datat Masking Software themselves are a huge subject that will have to be covered separately.

Let’s clarify what the layer mask in Photoshop is. When the image requires opacity or transparency, there is a need for the layer mask. The portion selected in the image for masking, needs a specific opacity of the layer mask. It is advisable to check the opacity ranging from 0% to 10 % and then from 0% to 50%. The transparency level will be seen clearly as black grayish and light grayish scale. The one that matches with the final composition of the image will certainly will be opted for. If there is an active selection tool then the image results will be clearer. As a general rule 100% opacity means it is white and if it is 0% then it is darker or black in shade.

Now creating a black and white image in Photoshop is a bit like putting together a puzzle with a 100 different solutions. As you begin to create more and more black and white images you will start to get a better feel for which of these pieces/techniques to use and how to use them.

That is how I view my stock photos, as income producing assets. I am investing my time, my money and my ideas in stock photo assets. I don’t know about you, but I find it very reassuring that those assets can still, even in these years of industry turbulence, have a long and healthy life.