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Some textbooks do it one way, and some do it the other way. They all try to convince you that THEIR way is the RIGHT way! The truth is, it does not matter mathematically which one comes first.

Get on the Podium. Public speaking is still the best way to earn the designation as expert in your field. YJust as you prepare clients to get speaking dates, you need to do the same. You can find loads of topics to share with any organization that allows you to speak as everyone needs tips on how to promote what they do. Set up regular speaking engagements and make the podium your Merit Scholarship marketing friend.

Even though her life was in shambles Plath’s writing increased. In December, 1962, the single mother and her children moved to 23 Fitzroy Road. The winter was very cold and, in fact, was reported to be one of the coldest seasons on record. Though Plath slipped back into depression with her children sick, and being totally alone, she continued writing, completing her last set of poems. The Bell Jar was published in January, 1963.

Under the NJ Stars program, any student graduating in the top 20% of his or her class qualifies for a merit Scholarship. The student can attend a local community college completely free – all tuition and fees are covered for up to five semesters.

Pick Up on Opportunities. When is the last time you heard about an event after it was over? Missing events because of a lack of marketing and publicity is a high cost issue for organizers. If you can help organizations cut through the mass of communications noise and get their message to their target audience, you will peek the interest of potential clients. Contact event organizers even after the event to propose how you could do a better job at increasing attendance through your promotional activities.

Tenney and Hultin Join Coaching Staff: Head coach Julie Woodward announced the joining of assistant coach Allison Tenney and volunteer assistant goalkeeping coach Katie Hultin to the Redhawk women’s soccer program this past off-season.

I have learned to build and embrace the circles that embrace me with love. Community helps us find the ability to trust and learn — also to embrace the lessons of broken circles that let in so much that is new and that enriches us. If, in that learning, we choose to fill our lives with actions and people that break open our circles, then that new wine of the Spirit will fill us with divine love and a prophetic mission. I know that Crossroads Church is a circle of warmth, support, acceptance, and love. Let us keep choosing the journey of newness. Let us keep choosing to grow through our brokenness and break through our fear. Let us become a people who follow Jesus in this day and age and who invite others to join us in the dance in Jesus’ name.