My Literary Agent Can’t Sell My Book – What Should I Do?

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The first thing that people often cite against this amazon kindle kindle books reader is that it isn’t insanely attractive. The clean white look is very nice, but it can resemble something that might have been released years ago. It is rectangular and has a slew of buttons to make your reading life easier.

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Navigation. The Nook has a touch screen navigation menu, though the kindle ebooks works by using push button technological know-how and fixed keyboard for navigating text and titles. Both equally use push button web page turning. The touch display of the Nook is well-known, but it helps make the Nook somewhat slower and contributes to the shorter battery lifestyle in comparison to the Kindle.

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And the material that libraries do have? Isn’t as modern as some would like. So, while Amazon’s version of the literary Netflix might reduce the already meager attendance at the neighborhood library, if done right, it could help turn libraries around, and at least make them popular again.