Money Up Under Your Nose

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) predicts lower national diesel fuel prices in 2013 by 10 cents lower than 2012, when it was $3.97. It also predicts that diesel fuel costs will be 9 cents lower in 2014 than 2013. This means they believe diesel fuel prices will average $3.87 a gallon in 2013 and $3.78 a gallon in 2014.

With petrol prices at an all time high, a few simple steps to economy tips can save you money, which is always good. Plus, burning fossil fuels adds to pollution and climate change, and adds to our dependence on oil which, as we know, is a non-renewable source of energy.

Let us look at ways on how we can change our driving habits as well as tips on how we can save fuel. These tips not only help you to save fuel, but also help you to contribute your bit towards saving our planet.

So what is the first step after a conversation about marriage? You got it. The search for that special diamond wedding ring that will, hopefully, wrap around the third finger of your left hand for the rest of your life. In their heated frenzy of planning their future, Giovanna and “Mr. Right” went to several major retailers of diamond wedding rings in California. It didn’t take long before they both made a decision on the perfect sparkling rock for the bride to be.

About the Author. Laura Numeroff grew up on Brooklyn, NY. Her father worked on the art staff of a New York newspaper and her mother was a junior high home reise teacher. She was a girl scout and her library card was one of her most prized possessions as a child. Numeroff originally attended Pratt College, hoping to become a fashion designer. During a college class Laura Numeroff was given the assignment to write and illustrate a children’s book and she never looked back! Today, Laura Numeroff continues to write and loves spending time with her two sisters and her nieces and nephews.

Less carrying capacity: Your truck bed is always constrained by its length and its width, but it also becomes constrained by height when you add a camper shell. Instead of having open skies overhead, there will be a fiberglass roof limiting the cargo that’ll fit. Because of a camper shell’s bulky size, lifting it on and off every time you’ve got a couch to move is just not practical, especially in impromptu moving situations like when you stumble across a free mattress in an alley. Of course, there are truck cap racks available to give you more room up top.

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