Mayor Wants No More “Free” Trash Collection Service

The City of El Paso has a goal of becoming a “no-kill” city. They are counting on a new, low-cost clinic to save more lives, according to KFOX14 on Wednesday. The new clinic is currently under construction.

72,000 ladybugs released in a mall took the place of pesticides in honor of Earth Day 2013. This was the way the Mall of America in Minneapolish thought was most appropriate for the annual celebration. IB Times reports April 24 that this is done in an effort to protect the greenery from aphids inside the shopping establishment.

Once you get home from any trips, you’ll want to clean your suitcase before you toss it in the closet. Check your body for any strange bites, especially bites that may appear in a line or in a cluster. These are signs that you’ve had a late night encounter with bed bugs.

Avalon is located a touch off the beaten path, fine dining-wise. While it’s near Old Towne Scottsdale, it’s located on McDowell between Scottsdale and Hayden Roads, in a neighborhood that’s a little worn, in a spot you might see a Denny’s. Avalon must be confident that they don’t need the security of the bodies Old Town draws. They’re banking on being a destination, the restaurant you won’t mind driving to when you’re done at the club. I think it’s a good bet.

Veolia Radon Testing. Location: 12900 Warrick County Line Road in Vanderburgh County. Phone: (812) 868-1100. The dumpster for recycling aluminum cans is located at the entrance to the parking lot. Open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Price: No cash payment.

Much to the surprise of most folks, the bed bugs that appeared in songs, fairy tales and creepy bedtime sayings never really went away. They were a huge problem in the Middle Ages and even right up through the industrial revolution but with proper cleaning, central heating and other modern amenities, the threat petered out in most Western countries. It wasn’t until the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games that bed bugs exploded back onto the national stage.

Next step: classify the sites you’ve identified. Some will be great sources of industry knowledge, some may be great for recruitment, others great for customers to find out about products. Draw up a full list, together with brief comments about each. This will be a very important document to share with your staff or Web developers — they will find it useful for all sorts of reasons!

“Green Jobs” is a common political buzzphrase, but has anyone really seen a newspaper ad calling out for green workers (whatever that is) with little/no experience? It’s never that easy. The problem is; most people don’t know that they already have skills that can be applied in the growing green fields. It is important for every green job searcher to do research on what jobs are in high demand and what skills are needed before starting on those career websites. Planet green is a great source of green job info so you can start there!