Leadership Courage – 3 Ways To Assess Your Organization’s Energy Level

That might be changing. No, I’m not putting solar on my roof. Too expensive. I’ve done the standard home efficiency upgrades — insulation, windows, doors, new 95 percent efficient furnace. But that’s another story.

It is not difficult to construct your own solar panels and the bits and pieces are easily obtainable in even small towns. The same holds true for systems that will produce electricity from wind or water. The trick is to get a detailed plan from which to build your solar panels or other devices.

All that energy equates to about 15 terawatts, give or take, per year. A terawatt is a trillion watts. And demand, while stymied somewhat by recession-aided stagnation, is expected to grow.

The U.S. is definitely not immune to the possibility of what is know as hyper inflation. This is where the costs of everyday goods go through the roof. The result is the loss in value of the American dollar. If this happens, the dollar will only buy a fraction of what it can buy today.

In short, the time is now. The federal government is on the verge of cracking down on the energy industry. In order to meet changing federal regulations, it’s crucial that you produce power supplier. And with so many biomass advantages, you’d be hard pressed to find a better alternative.

Number three would have to be hydropower. Did you ever notice when water is flowing downhill it becomes a powerful force. The water is a renewable resource that is constantly being recharged by the global cycles of precipitation and the consequent evaporation. Here we find our old friend the sun, and the sun’s heat is busily causing the water in lakes and oceans to evaporate and then you see the clouds. Later on it rains or snows and the water comes back down to the earth. Once back on the earth, it gathers together into streams and rivers and begins the journey back to the ocean. While the water is flowing, it can power water wheels and drive mechanical processes. When it is busy forcing the turbines and generators to turn it will generate electricity. Hurrah for flowing waters.

Since you don’t have to leave society and are still earning money it just takes a matter of time to replace everything with energy-efficient products and end even add energy producing technology to your house.

The last bit of encouragement I have for people interested in how to make wind power has to do with the two biggest reasons people are interested in this path: savings and the environment. When a person becomes more energy self sufficient, they no longer require so much energy from their electric company. The bills decrease and the expendable income increases. You will have more money for things you need! In addition, it is clean energy. Clean energy equals a cleaner environment. These are reasons to seriously consider wind power.