How To Find Article Writing Topics That Are Geared Towards The Direct Sales Niche

Most of the writers find it difficult to choose topics to write articles most of the time. It’s of no use if you write about something that people are never going to read. The amount of time you spend in researching contents and writing them in your own unique way is a complete loss if you fail to attract readers. In order to make this process simple, here I have come up with 3 best proven way that most experts use to choose topics to write articles on.

Take Part in forums, discussion groups and blogs on your niche. Look for problems, questions and concerns. These are great concepts for Online content everyday topics.

We can see from this list some of the highest paying keywords are highly specific for subject and location. If you have no knowledge of selling structured settlements you are not going to have much success building a website based on the subject. Also it’s highly unlikely that you will get these types of ads anyway, as most of them are only delivered to websites from certain to countries and regions. But the list does give you an indication of the type of keywords that get the highest paying ads.

One of the best places to find e-book ideas is on ClickBank, one of the most popular places to find e-books. You can look at what New content everyday are trending at the moment and what ones are on the rise.

When you are drafting out your topic, the most important thing you got to know is who your audience is. Your listeners are your customers, so to speak. So, like in marketing, you need to provide them the right stuff. This is a very crucial tip when planning your next presentation or speech.

You can write about the Seven Wonders of the World or about the seven deadly sins. You can write about a famous singer, dancer or musician. Topics can suit a particular audience. Engineers and architects might love a speech on town planning for instance. If you were speaking at a boys school sport would be a suitable subject. A ladies club membership might be riveted if you spoke about cutting their grocery bill in half every week.

Third, you can find out about the most recent topics in your niche by checking RSS feeds and subscribing to them. This is crucial because Google recently issued the Panda update and if you aren’t writing about new information, chances are that you won’t get any traffic for those topics.

3) A nice side benefit of creating content on a daily basis and then marketing it by getting it online is a powerful online presence, or “online visibility.” When prospects see you all over the internet in your niche, you are seen as the obvious “go to” expert.