How I Took My Storage Facility From 65% To 95% Occupancy In 90 Days

Are you looking to make use of a self storage facility? If you have, you probably have an idea of the stuff that you will be putting in storage. It is always best to ensure that you have thought of everything, sorting through boxes which may have been forgotten and doing a little extra cleaning. When you have sorted the items to be stored, you can make use of small boxes to pack them. Also ensure to label the boxes carefully.

Share the space. You are not alone. There will be others who are constantly looking for extra space as well. Look around, ask your family or your friends if they need extra storage space and share the storage cost!

self storage is meant for everyone. climate controlled self storage vestavia hills al for personal usage allows you to store all your excess things that are not frequently used in a place that is clean and secured, freeing up lots of valuable space in your homes. self storage for businesses allows you to store business files and documents which may contain sensitive information in a safe environment. self storage is also relatively cost efficient as compared to other storage methods, allowing you to save quite a fair bit of money.

For security purposes, you will not be provided with a lock. You are required to bring your own lock or purchase one at the climate controlled self storage facility. It is advisable to purchase your own lock outside. Make sure that it is strong and thick enough to prevent any break-ins and make sure that you have duplicate keys to unlock it in the event that you misplace your existing key.

Moving and storage pods also, offer adequate security for your belongings. Once you have packed your boxes, you put them under your own lock. No one else will be able to get access to your pod while it is parked in your driveway or while it is being transported.

Also, to control your humidity you do not need to set your air conditioning for 72 degrees which causes the unit to cycle on and off with little effect on humidity. This is more expensive. Instead, run your air conditioning continuously to lower the humidity by up to 65 percent which is an ideal range for self-storage. Humidity needs to be kept below 60 percent to prevent mold and mildew.

Finally, if you’re on a tight budget and need cheap storage, consider locking your own storage unit instead of buying or renting a lock from the facility. Don’t cut corners, though, as you still want to keep your belongings safe and secure. If you get lucky, you can even find some self storage facilities that provide a free door lock.