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You are finally an officially certified diver and you can’t wait to travel to an amazing scuba diving location. How do you begin to plan the trip? Instead of simply writing a check and telling a travel agent to book something for you, why not build your very own adventure from scratch?

Don’t just aim for the low season. During the low season, clouds shadow the Caribbean, Egypt is too hot to go sightseeing, and there’s not another human being in those night markets. Getting lowest air fares shouldn’t mean sacrificing the quality of your trip.

4) Casa Loma: This castle is rich with history, and tours are available on a regular basis. Don’t forget to stop and enjoy the luscious gardens outside.

If you would like to check out London and catch a glimpse of the elder or younger royal couple, you might want to ask your local Disney vacation planning for last-minute deals. It might not be a bad idea, especially if you are not the spontaneous type, to plan for a royal vacation in 2012.

You may also speak with travel agents. They can inform you of less popular airlines, which are great for discounts. They can also tell you about package deals, which can cut accommodation and car rental costs in half. Furthermore, they can even give you a closer look at your preferred destination with recommendations on reservations and restaurants.

You can also read other travelers’ comments to see what they thought about each listing. In virtually every one I perused, the travelers loved being close to the vibe of the city, living like a local, with someone who could point out recommended sites and restaurants. Saving a ton of money ranked right up there as well.

There is the One and Only Ocean Club close by where part of the James Bond movie Casino Royale was filmed. It is open to the public and they don’t mind tourist. Keep your eyes open though because you just might spot a movie star chilling at the club. There is plenty to do for everybody no matter what your age. There is Water Park in the resort premises that boosts one of the highest water slides in the world. What’s more the ride takes you past the shark tanks in the aquarium giving you an extra spike of adrenaline.

When you are in your business travel, make sure that you keep all receipts that you get. Those receipts are used to be attached to the expense reports that you will make after you return home. Then, you should make your expense report as soon as you return to your company. Therefore, you will have no problem if you have to report your travel to your employer.