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And by being prompt in your samkey reconciliation, you show the bank that you are trying to stay on top of your finances. That diligence could later pay off. For example, Zimmerman recommends that if you bounce a check, and it’s the first time, ask for forgiveness including waiver of any fees. “Lots of people don’t realize that the rules can been waived and often a bank will do that for good will,” Zimmerman says. Of course, don’t expect to get off easy if you are a repeat offender.

The end of the month comes along and you write a check to pay your electric bill. You would debit the expense account for utilities and increase its value. To offset that entry, you would credit the account “checking account” and it would decrease in value. Remember, debits can increase account values and credits can decrease them – which is which depends on the account type.

The best way to go about it is through using Skype. This is a software application that you can download from the Internet and install it on your computer. Once you have Skype installed, you can make an id for yourself and this is what you can use to make calls. It isn’t necessary to make calls all the time; you can also send IMs through Skype. Like all other IM services, Skype is customizable in many ways.

The truth is, whether a debit or a credit increases or decreases an account balance depends on the type of account. Asset and expense accounts are increased on the debit side – liability, equity, and revenue accounts are increased on the credit side.

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Keep in mind that bank statements cover a set time period, say from Jan. 18 to Feb. 17, so any checks you’ve written around or after the closing date won’t be on the statement. Ditto any deposits you’ve made in the meantime.

While bookkeeping can seem confusing it quickly becomes easy with practice. Basic bookkeeping is the foundation of financial reporting. Gaining comfort with it will allow you to manage more effectively your business.