Converting Your Content Into Discussions

There are many types of content you can put on your blog. Variety is the key to the most successful blog. The main types of content you can use is written content, audio content or video content. These different content formats can take various shapes such as hints, tips, tricks, reviews etc.

The final important point is to remember Compete with me and others here without promotion is nothing but “just content”. Write industry oriented content to be listed in search engines, and to get the people visit your site to accomplish your purpose of selling.

So, I took a topic, that matched the blog I was trying to produce, and turned it into a source of visitation/revenue. This is the best content to write about, any content that is marginally popular, has the potential to balloon, and has very little web-presence.

I have written a post exclusively on blog carnivals which will provide more information than I possibly can here. In a nutshell, blog carnivals are a collection of links about a certain topic, that are published on someone else’s blog. You just need to submit the link to great content your blog post with a brief description. If you are accepted you get a one way link to your post, and sometimes to your home page as well. Best of all its free!

However, we seem to have lost our focus on content, and instead, trust in vague systems of traffic generation, and care about ad placement as a means to increase conversion ratios. And yes, a well-placed ad is better than a horribly placed one, but the fact still remains, keyword research and an auto-blogger barely constitutes a content strategy, much less a successful one.

You can select the tone and type of writer that you hire. It won’t be your voice exactly, but you can still determine how your site’s content will sound.

I’m often amazed to read articles or forums from those claiming that content is the “new” way to go for solid, long-term search engine rankings. I’ve been involved in we content creation since 1998, and to be honest not a whole lot has changed. If you provide free resources that attract not only repeat visitors but natural links, traffic is the end result as it should be.

So there you have it, my 5 great internet marketing tips to create content for your online business. I hope that you find them helpful, and above all else, that you find the success you deserve.