Coin Collecting – Why You Should Collect Gold Coins

Over the past few years gold has shown a steady increase in value. More and more people are investing in it everyday. By learning how to buy gold the safe way you will feel more confident with your investment. You will learn a few ways to safely get the gold you want and a few ways to buy gold – do it the safe way.

PUT FINANCIAL INFO IN WRITING. Write down the name of your bank, your account number(s), and the number of your Safe deposit box for sale if you have one. Give this list to someone you trust.

It is hard to stop spending money. We are so indoctrinated into believing that we can just buy now and pay later. What we aren’t told over and over again is that when we pay later, we pay big time.

Your assets are also known as your “estate.” The Federal Government assesses an Estate Tax on estates. Most estates will not be taxed as they will be under the minimum asset value for the tax. In 2007 and 2008, only the portion of an estate over $2 million is subject to federal estate tax. The threshold rises to $3.5 million in 2009 before the tax disappears in 2010. But estate planning is not just for tax treatment. Your estate planning is essential for protecting you and your loved ones.

In order to prevent yourself from suffering such losses, it is important for you to install a fireproof wall safe at home. In common, there are various types of wall safes. They are different in terms of sizes, designs, functions, locking systems, etc. Most safes are designed to fit between the standard stud spacing of 16 inches on centers. There are some with 14 inches opening. If you just need the safe to keep all the important papers, and jewelries, a smaller safe will be sufficient for you. However, if you are a gun owner and you need to store your firearms, may be you need a bigger space.

CDs or an external hard drive containing digital copies of all family photos. It’s a good idea to scan all older family photos and keep a digital copy of them as well. Your family memories in photographs are irreplaceable.

Not telling where you keep the will: Only have ONE COPY of the will that has been properly executed with signatures. Keep unsigned copies for your own records. DON’T keep the signed copy in a bank safe deposit box, which could be sealed at your death.