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The story is told of a young Korean girl who was raised during the days of the Communist takeover of North Korea. Going to school one day she noticed there was a new teacher. She noticed even more when the teacher announced that there was to be no homework that day! Amazed, she listened as the teacher went on to explain a game that would be played instead.

At this point, you will be in a very relaxed state. Imagine that you falling asleep are at the top of flight of stairs and when you reach the last step you will submerge into water. Imagine each detail in the room. Count down the steps. Feel the coldness of the water. Once you are submerged, feel the prick of the liquid in your skin. At this point, you are already numb. Your heart will race a bit. Let your thoughts and emotions drift in the water. This is a normal state in self-hypnosis.

You may experience skin problems. Such things as itchy or burning skin or even numbness can occur. Numbness may be a side effect of hyper-ventilating and with relaxation breathing, the numbness can potentially go away.

To address this concern, you should relax. You and your baby are first – timers, you should learn how to adjust. Just learn the correct latch position and you would eventually get it right.

Like many thousands of people, I used to be haunted by insomnia. Night after night I would spend endless hour’s laying there in bed, tossing and turning, trying to fall

Because of the various economic problems we are facing, many of us are worried about whether or not we will have a job the next day, who is coming up behind us to take our place, how much work we will have to get done, how we will be able to pay the bills, etc. We worry about the rising cost of health care, which ironically enough, causes us to fall ill. We worry about worrying. Perhaps if we busied ourselves then we wouldn’t have all of this time to worry. But even when we are keeping busy, we are still worrying. It’s the worrying that drives us to work well beyond the required 40 hour workweek. Some of us think that by working more hours, it will somehow impress the boss. In the meantime, we neglect our health and our families: more stress.

You probably didn’t choose one; you probably chose both options as I did few years ago, as I still love entertainment, the good times and the green that makes life easier and happier days one way or another for you and yours. But again, the point is still what would you choose?