Blogging To The Bank 2011 Review

Blogging is a very exciting career if you blog professionally and do not just think of money. Even the controversial John Chow who has achieved time and financial freedom in blogging has advised bloggers to keep blogging professionally and just have fun. “If you blog only for money you will not succeed,” were the famous lines we can get from Mr. Chow. Here are some blogging secrets you can add to your list to make it even more complete.

As I indicated above, one could be scared of over-monetizing. But no one really could do that. Even sites with massive ads in comparison to content can have good conversion rates. It all deals with being relevant for visitors. Appearing in such a way as not to offend – yet still in such a way that it attracts the much-wanted clicks from visitors to your blog.

Making money blogging really is easy in technical execution, so much so that even a relative technophobe could do it. The real key is to attract enough targeted traffic to your blog on a regular basis to ensure that you’re getting the hits on your affiliate links and Google AdSense advertising. You’ll find plenty of advice on how to charge traffic to blogs through internet forum searches. Just be persistent and display a willingness to learn.

In most cases, you do not want to get in your visitors way. However, if you are hoping to earn AdSense revenue, you need to get directly in their path in order to get your ads noticed – and clicked on. This is why so many people opt to put their AdSense code directly in their entries. When it comes to blogs that is usually where a visitors attention is focused – on the entries. Try putting the AdSense code directly in the middle of each post blogging for fun using one of the rectangular boxes. Just make sure that you tell your visitors that the post is continued below.

Now for those hitting the world of internet marketing and blogging for the first time, I think it’s worthwhile I give you a brief overview of what guest blogging is. Guest blogging is just an online marketing tactic that entails sharing valuable content with readers online but in this situation, the article won’t be published on your blog. It will be published on other people’s blog and that’s where the term “Guest blogging” comes into play. Now some novice might confuse guest blogging with submitting articles to directories but I stand to say they are not the same.

Where do you find New content everyday jobs? You’ll find that several sites have already been set up to match bloggers with companies that want to hire them. Enter “blog jobs” into a search engine to find your initial leads.

The key step that every blogging training program should teach you, is that of perseverance. There are plenty of other blogs out there, similar to your own and are much older than yours; therefore, they’ll even be getting plenty of visitors. You would need to persevere and you’ll out beat this competition in time, don’t expect any miracles instantly. Check out their blogs, look at what they’re doing and improvise on them, in addition to your very own ideas. After all, you’re blogging for business right?

Blogging is not something that you can be an expert for weeks. It can even take years to master the art of blogging, but there are always considerations. Constant studying and reading tips from other expert bloggers will make your success closer that you expected. What I have mentioned above are basic blogging tips. You can always use your resources to explore on the topic and make your blogging dream come true.