Bad Telemarketing Habits You Need To Avoid

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This was fine, a minor set back. Wow, wouldn’t this make a great story when I met my friends. I retrieved my claim ticket and confidently proceeded to find a cab, knowing I would awake in the morning to my bag being delivered to my hotel room.

Communication was one of the keys to our success. In addition to the P.R.I.D.E. Team members discussing the meetings with their team members and other co-workers, we documented the conversations from the meeting then distributed them to the floor to ensure no “behind closed door” perceptions. If time allowed supervisors would bring the P.R.I.D.E meeting notes to team meetings for discussions as well.

Have a priority – some work may not require you to deal with immediately, while there are some tasks that need quick attention. Knowing which task to do first is a great help in getting you done in your work.

Let me share an example here. Suppose your BPO unit is doing the lead generation for a firm selling TVs. Most homes are run by women and they are ones who will decide whether they need a new TV. If you are calling the man of the house and you do not get access to the person. The outbound call center tijuana near Tijuana, Baja California agent will hang up the call instead of speaking to his wife who had received the call. What they miss out on is that there were better chances of the call making the sale if the agent had spoken to the wife because at the end of the day, she would be the one taking the call of purchasing that TV. Sensible telemarketing services would speak to the wife and seal the deal.

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Does this process sound familiar? If it does, you really need to change. I have changed my lifestyle slightly and I have had drastic changes in my life. I have found the time and I have lost 56 lbs in 4 months. My doctor is no longer on my back. I am walking a 2 miles a day during my lunch at work and I am snacking on fruits and vegetables and drinking lots of water.