Abu Dhabi Tour Package

Jaipur is the capital city of Rajasthan and a central place plays a major role in all sorts of things. The lively city of Jaipur was found in the year 1727. Ancestors claim that the city of Jaipur was the first planned city of India. Jaipur city is well known as the Pink City of India and it is the most important tourist place in India. Jaipur Tourism offers many entertainment features like amusement park, forts with first class food, accommodation and etc. Jaipur Tour will definitely please the tourist and these tours will be an unforgettable one for everyone as well.

Egyptis a magnificent place for enjoying your holidays Egypt. It can offer various programs covering tours in Egypt. Anyone who is on a desert tours Egypt can enjoy their safari in Sinai where you get to visit the Monastery of St Catherine and also climb the Moses Mountains. Egypt tours in the desert can never end without a camel ride, which is so enjoyable. Hurghada is known for its colorful mountains and canyons, and so for a travel Egypt, then you have to see this.

Never, ever leave your hotel room without sunblock. Though you’ll be in an air-conditioned car for most of fun desert safari in dubai tour, it’s still possible to get ugly sunburns. Besides, you can’t resist to go out of the car and take a picture of the sand dunes.

The main reason why Dubai has become a big hub for merchants is because there is no duty. Dubai is indeed a duty free country, and these savings passes on to the consumer. Hence people from all over the world come to Dubai for shopping. As a result of all this there are nearly six thousand retail stores and several malls. In fact, one of the biggest malls in the world, the Mall of the Emirates, is located in Dubai. This mall boasts of nearly every type of entertainment including an indoor ski slope!

The surrounding of the Bedouin camp is also very beautiful. A bedouin camp also has an oasis and you can enjoy the cool waters there. You can also refresh yourself at the camps as they have all of the basic amenities there. So that you can have a comfortable Ferrari World Abu Dhabi experience that you’d always remember.

Jaipur Tour is well handled and administered by the Jaipur Tourism board and it shows more concern on the tourist and their welfare. The tourist who visits the Jaipur city will understand how precious this place is. The tourist will never forget the days they spent on the place and they will be proud of themselves. Tourist who visits the place will certainly inform others to pay a visit and no wonder that they will visit the place again and again. Rajasthan and Jaipur are the cities that no one should miss the beauty and elegance of it.

Sand Skiing: You should never miss a chance to give a try to a new but interesting activity of Desert named as sand skiing. You can enjoy this activity when you go for Dubai desert safari.