A Visit To The Red River Valley Fair – Fargo, North Dakota

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Frankies with even more adult acade games. Newer than Jillians it has many additional options for the young at heart. Located where Alexander Dr. and Glenwood Ave meet it is spacious. By being new it has many outside activities to entertain.

You can also learn everything about Dinosaurs with the exhibit “Dinosaurs Unearthed.” It’s the largest China animatronic dinosaur ever hosted in St. Louis complete with the first ever full-sized fully feathered dinosaur on display.

The dinosaurs were created between the years of 1934 and 1967 by Paul Domke, a devout Lutheran who created them out of a mixture of concrete, deer hair, and gravel, built over a steel and metal foundation. The largest is about 80 feet long. He based his work on the skeletons he’d seen in the Chicago Field Museum and the Smithsonian. The creatures are spread out over a 40 acre area, which includes some 25 varieties of Michigan trees. (The trees are real.) There are even a few cave men on the premises (I said this wasn’t scientific), engaged in activities like killing mastodons, and fighting off a giant snake.

The exhibit on Level 5 of the Science Museum of Minnesota is the Mississippi River Gallery. My son wasn’t very interested in this exhibit, but I did note there was information about tugboats and wildlife that is prevalent in the Mississippi River area.

Exploris provides a hands on Experience for school age children as well as an IMAX theater for everyone.It has traveling displays as well as many hands on exhibits.

Admission is $3.50 in addition to the regular zoo admission and children under three are still free. The exhibit is open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. through September 6th.