5 Yoga Classes + Massage Or Facial At Mint

Over a decade has passed since I crested the hill of age continuum and yet it just dawned on me last year at 53, I should be getting more roll out of my drives than I did before! Seriously I’m no physicists but even I know that golf balls roll further down hill. And I’m definitely over the Hill!

Sales mobile massage are only available during this event in Chandler. No phone orders. Must use treatments in Chandler by 12/31/11. Buy one get one free must be used by the same client and cannot be used on the same day.

The plastic or fiberglass hot tub has molded seats with each seat having its own set of jets. You can arrange the jets so that they point at specific parts of your body. The jets can also be fine-tuned so that they rotate automatically providing a massaging effect on the body. These tubs are not as deep as the wooden varieties and are narrow enough to fit through normal doorways.

Already have your perfect pair? Show them you really care by treating them to a day of pampering. The Palms AVEDA Spa’s Twice as Nice Couples Retreat features a 50-min. Couples mobile massage sandton, a 15-min Warm Oil Scalp Massage, a glass of champagne per person for $280 (*not including gratuity).

Turning the TV off is a great idea. We have done massages on client who chose to watch TV during a session; even though it is their choice then it is not that optimal for “me-time”.

One excellent therapeutic program on many massage chairs is the Shiatsu massage program. The Shiatsu technique originally comes from Japan and uses acupressure points as well as certain pressure techniques to relax the body. This massage is invigorating and provides soothing relief for the whole body.

There’s a definite “uggh” factor in this tactic. If you are heavier than you want to be but you can’t seem to motivate yourself to change your fitness and eating habits, then strip down naked and stand in front of the mirror. Turn on all the lights and take a good look at yourself. The bare naked truth often hits home at this point. Now the motivational juices are really moving. Strike while the iron is hot and get moving on a fitness plan. If necessary, strip naked again if you feel weak and feel the need to reach for the doughnut. This is the same type of strategy used on shows like “The Biggest Loser,” even though the participants got to keep most of their clothes on!