5 Tips To Success – Working At Home

I first heard this idea at a teacher’s convention, and have been making Q-tip snowflakes with my elementary classes for years. The activity was so enjoyable that we do it at home too, and hang the intricate snowflakes from the ceiling using fishing line. The result is incredible-transforming hallways, windows, and entries into a winter wonderland. When making the snowflakes with my elementary students I always read the book Snowflake Bentley by Jacquelyn Briggs Martin, about the first man to successfully photograph snowflakes. The story is engaging, and it also teaches facts that you can use to make prettier, more accurate snowflakes.

The most effective tools that you can have at your disposal at a trade show are those that are eye catching and promote your brand or company. These are typically signs that show off your logo or co working space name. This requires a design team and planning with reputation management specialists to make sure that you have the proper design and logo.

I believe that creating New Year’s resolutions is a waste of time; or rather, that it is another tool the ego can use to make you feel that you are lacking something. That type of list comes from the sense that you were supposed to accomplish or achieve something that you didn’t. I am not sure who came up with that idea, but to me it makes much more sense to see life as an ongoing process and the New Year as a pause in that process, when we can reflect on where we are at and where we are headed.

Add some special accessories to your garden. Statues, benches, signs and water features can make lovely additions to your yard. They will help to create a unique appearance that compliments your overall design. Just be sure that you do not over do it or your garden might look disheveled.

There are some questions you must ask yourself before you go out and buy a kitchen pot rack. Your first questions should be where you will put this in your kitchen. The options are hanging, wall mounted, lighted or stand alone. Hanging pot racks are generally placed over kitchen islands or peninsulas. Wall mounted pot racks are usually positioned below or between cabinets. If you have more then enough space, a stand alone can be very attractive. For additional lighting, a pot rack that comes with downlights illuminates the kitchen and will add ambiance to your coworking. Ceiling pot racks come with grids which allow you to adjust the hooks for hanging your pots and pans in a way that will be most convenient for your reach.

3) FLOWERS. I have found, over the past few years, that to have a bouquet of fresh flowers on my desk on Monday mornings makes a huge difference in the energy in the room. Another thing I learned from one of my feng shui friends, is, as some of the flowers in the bouquet die, remove them immediately – and keep the energy alive and well.

Am i bashing Mini’s? Absolutely not. In fact, I’m thinking about buying one myself for my doctorate studies. I think they’re an example of the awesome power of the advancement of technology. Just think before you buy. And remember…you’re in control!