4 Top Reasons To Scuba Dive With Your Date

A couple of years ago, I had some difficult dental work. It was very painful, and while I recovered physically pretty quickly, I had some post -traumatic stress reactions – bad dreams, flashbacks, and upset – after my recovery. I had to acknowledge my upset and feelings, and let them out before the stress reactions subsided.

A fishing trip can help you get away from it all for a weekend, a week or longer. Camp at your favorite river site or stay at a lodge in the mountains.

To see the largest shipwreck in the Caribbean Grenada is the place to visit. But also if you like to st lucia scuba there are great under water sights here. You will be able to see lots of underwater volcanoes as well as colorful tropical fish. Even though hurricane Ivan devastated this island in 2004 it is still very much a place you must visit if you can.

T is for tee time. For the golf-lover Dad, set up a lesson with a golf pro, or spoil Dad with some fantastic new gear for the course just like monogrammed golf links or a new personalized shoe bag. U is for upgrade and update. Whether he needs a newer version of his tired weekend bag or a hip new watch, introduce Dad to something new and stylish he would never buy himself. How about the latest MP3 player, a digital camera, or, a satellite navigation system for the car? After all, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Of course this article would not be complete if the immaculately kept beaches were not mentioned. The beaches are gorgeous, to say the least. The water is clean and pristine and the water looks as if it belonged on a postcard. Palawanis all about a laid back lifestyle and while you vacation there you seem to adapt that mindset allowing you to truly relax and just enjoy the beauty of your surroundings.

I don’t know ANY liveaboard or dive resort or dive centre owner in any tropical destination who decided to start the business (or buy it) because it would give them the best ROI financially on their investment. (none of them have been THAT stupid, to put it bluntly). The diving business is not filled with MBA’s and business degrees, the people who are driven to those courses and degrees have other things that make them happy (I hope!).

One of the major advantages I found was that with a small bust, my enhanced waist takes a viewers eyes off my lacking chest. Wonderful. At present I wear a corset at least three times per week, sometimes more.