10 Free Things You Can Do To Start Your Online Marketing Business

Affiliate marketing is generally not as hard as people make it out to be. In order to be a successful affiliate marketer, you really need three things. In this article I am going to tell you what those three things are, as well as how you can start increasing your affiliate commissions starting today!

Stay in touch. Once you’ve obtained someone’s contact info, stay in touch with him on a regular basis, as the more someone sees and talks to you, the quicker the trust develops. Regular communication is key, and you can stay in touch on a regular basis through the publication of an email newsletter, a free teleclass series that is open to all of your contacts, or by updating your website regularly with new content, like articles for your target market.

Then, they will be back to check your my posts posts, testimonials and service offerings. And finally, they will contact you to discuss working with you. That’s right, they will contact you. No cold calling or generic prospecting. Your ideal client will be looking for you, find you, and ultimately hire you to help solve their problems.

Make the call again. If you were unable to contact your prospective clients, don’t hesitate to call them again. But make sure you left a message letting them know that you would. Your contact may have other things on their minds and other priorities to attend to. You should not let this deter you from your purpose. Your perseverance might just pay off in the end.

At the moment, the social networking industry is the heart that keeps the music industry’s blood. You need to keep your thumb on the pulse of what’s happening. Check out blogs like BoingBoing and Neatorama frequently. But be weary of relying solely on social networking. There are whispers that the bubble will pop, and when it does you don’t want to be left stranded. Keep your options open and engage with your audience, and follow them wherever they may go.

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You need traffic to your website or blog. Traffic is very important to any affiliate marketing campaign. You cannot expect to make sales unless you are driving targeted traffic to your articles. The best way to do this is with a combination of article marketing, video marketing, and some classified ads advertising. There are other paid traffic methods, but I prefer to get my targeted traffic for free!